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Student project of digital magazine that in 2019 reached 3500 readers per month. Also my first experience of designing for real users. In 2017 I was in charge of creating the platform (front-end & back-end) for our new magazine. In addition, I did a lot of “UX job” but didn’t know at that time that’s a thing.

  • company mały format
  • website malyformat.com
  • role web developer & UX/UI designer
  • date Jun 2019 — Oct 2019


We wanted to create a digital magazine that would be something unique. We wanted to create a different experience of reading literary criticism. We wanted Mały Format to become a place for young writers and illustrators to share their work.

the story

It all started in winter 2017 when I got in touch with a group of literature students. They wanted to start a new digital magazine that would promote literary criticism and art.

I’ve chosen to create our magazine on Wordpress. It was my first encounter with this CMS although I’ve been programming in PHP for a while. Regarding I was working for free, I wanted to learn as much as possible. That’s why I’ve chosen Wordpress.

I’ve created my first own Wordpress template based on designs delivered by our graphic designer. The final layouts were the fruit of the long-lasting process of validating all ideas and adjusting them. My decisions were based on my foregoing knowledge about UI patterns and best practices.

Besides, the front side of the platform I was also responsible for customizing Wordpress backend for the editors. Non-tech editors. My goal was to create a form that will be easy to use and will allow them to format texts according to their needs. Creating Mały Format was for me also an opportunity to learn Google Analytics and Hotjar. I could test both on the real audience and learn step by step how people interact with the platform.

Screens of Mały Format's pages and articles